About Ashley

In early 2016, Ashley was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. For most of her life Ashley struggled to maintain a healthy weight, despite living a very active lifestyle, and eating a clean diet. Ashley suspected Thyroid disorder for years, but was told time and time again that labs were “normal”. Her symptoms continued to get worse, peaking in 2015. Not getting any answers through conventional medicine, she turned to Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine that gave her the answers she needed to begin her healing journey. Throughout the healing process Ashley has followed Detox, Elimination, AIP, and Keto food plans.  It has been her experience that true healing encompasses mind, body, and soul. Ashley developed a meditation, positive imagery, and belly breathing practice as a part of her healing process, and encourages her clients to utilize these tools as part of theirs. Through diet and lifestyle modification, she was able to get my Hashimoto’s into remission.

Ashley has been passionate about health, nutrition, and wellness for a long time. During the early stages of her Hashimoto’s diagnosis that passion motivated her to do lot of research. It was through this research that Ashley discovered a Functional Medicine Health Coaching program being offered by FMCA. She saw this program as the perfect opportunity for her to apply her passion for health, wellness, healing, and helping others.  One of the biggest challenges Ashley faced as a newly diagnosed autoimmune patient was having a lot of questions, but no real support system.  When she realized that Health Coaches help to fill that void, she knew it was my calling. 


Ashley believes the key to success is working with each individual and allowing them to work at pace that is realistic for them. The major components she addresses are diet, rest, exercise, stress, and supplementation. There are an abundance of stressors in our everyday lives, some obvious, some hidden. Ashley helps her clients identify the stressors that are keeping them sick and develop a plan to help reduce stress and promote healing.