How can partnering with a Health Coach add value to your patient’s experience and your practice?

  • Health Coaching has been shown to improve client outcomes
  • Clients are more likely to making lasting, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes
  • Research shows that clients have been able to maintain most of the improved clinical outcomes one year following health coaching


A Functional Medicine Health Coach’s main role is to:

  • Help your patients bring awareness to health concerns, symptoms they are facing, and possible triggers

  • Assist them in setting managable and realistic goals according to what you have prescribed
  • Help them to develop a step by step plan on how to reach those goals
  • Offer moral support-I have been where they are, struggling to heal autoimmunity and leaky gut
  • Act as a resource to help navigate the changes they need to make
  • Hold them accountable to the goals they have set for themselves

Ashley will work with you and your patients, to help them successfully implement the healthy diet and lifestyle changes necessary in order for them to achieve wellness.

Ashley's approach towards coaching is 100% client focused and practitioner directed.  

Sessions take place on a HIPPA compliant platform via the internet.  Ashley also offers grocery shopping sessions to help clients learn how to read labels, shop efficiently, and plan meals.