Health Tip of the Month


  Eating out

Sharing meals with others is one of the most common ways we connect in our society, so being able to share and enjoy meals with friends and family is very important.  Eating out can be a challenge when we are working to follow a meal plan, or creating new behaviors.  The good news is that you don’t have to stop going out to eat in order to reach your goals.  Here are a few tips on how I manage to enjoy eating out and still stay on track.

You may start to see a theme here….PLAN!

If I know I will be going out to eat for dinner, I plan my day around that meal.  The 1st step is to choose the restaurant if possible, if not, look up the menu online and decide what you are going to order before you go.  My Fitness Pal has almost anything you can imagine in their data base, so planning around meals out isn’t too tricky.  Once you have logged your meal, you know how to eat for the balance of the day.  That might mean you will have to go heavy on veggies and lean protein if you are going to treat yourself to pizza, or that you need to go light on protein and fats if a big steak is in your future.  But what if there in NOTHING on the menu that works?  This is something I have had a lot of experience with due to my autoimmune condition and the extremely restrictive diet I had to follow.  What always worked for me was to eat before and order a salad during the meal so I was still able to enjoy the social interaction of sharing a meal with my friends.  The most important part of lasting lifestyle change is balance, so eat the pizza (in moderation) and the veggies too!