CBD or Hemp Oil is getting a lot of attention lately and with good reason. It is an amazing healing tool and I believe we all should be using it. The best one I have used is called Recept by Prime My Body. You can learn more about this amazing company and their top of the line products by clicking the link.

If you are dealing with sleep issues, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or inflammation, ADHD, PMS, mood disorders, joint pain, autoimmune disease, fatigue, irritability, gut dysfunction, or brain health/memory issues this product should be a part of your daily protocol! I can not say enough about this oil. As a busy, stressed out mom, it has been a go to on the days that I am feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

My go to company for high quality supplements is Designs For Health. Their GI Revive and Total Body Collagen are staples in my gut health protocol and the OmegAvail Smoothie is a favorite of my kiddos, especially the Mango Peach flavor. Check out all of their amazing products by clicking the link below! Use the code: FIRST20 for 20% off of your 1st purchase!