Ashley Hendrickson

Ashley hendrickson | NBC-HWC, FDN-Practitioner, Functional Medicine Health Coach

In early 2016, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. For most of my life I struggled to maintain a healthy weight, despite living a very active lifestyle, and eating a clean diet. I suspected Thyroid disorder for years, but was told time and time again that labs were “normal”. My symptoms continued to get worse, peaking in 2015. Not getting any answers through conventional medicine, I turned to Functional Medicine. It was Functional Medicine that gave me the answers I needed to begin my healing journey. Throughout the healing process I has followed Detox, Elimination, AIP, and Keto food plans.  It has been my experience that true healing encompasses mind, body, and soul. I developed a meditation, positive imagery, and belly breathing practice as a part of my healing process, and encourage all of my clients to utilize these tools as part of theirs. Through diet and lifestyle modification, I was able to get my Hashimoto’s into remission.

I have been passionate about health, nutrition, and wellness for a long time. During the early stages of my Hashimoto’s diagnosis that passion motivated me to do lot of research. It was through this research that I discovered a Functional Medicine Health Coaching program being offered by FMCA. I saw this program as the perfect opportunity to apply my passion for health, wellness, healing, and helping others.  One of the biggest challenges I faced as a newly diagnosed autoimmune patient was having a lot of questions, but no real support system.  When I realized that Health Coaches help to fill that void, I knew it was my calling. 

I believe the key to success is working with each individual and allowing them to work at pace that is realistic for them. The major components I addresses are stress, emotional and mental health, exercise, dress, and silence and meditation. There are an abundance of stressors in our everyday lives, some obvious, some hidden. I work with my clients identify the stressors that are keeping them sick and develop a plan to help reduce stress and promote healing.

Tami Wollensak Headshot

Tami Wollensak | Functional Medicine Health Coach

Tami spent decades and thousands of dollars trying to get to the bottom of her own personal health issues. She decided to leave a successful career in corporate sales and management to pursue her passion and desire to help others with their journey to wellness and living their best lives. Tami’s entire adult life she was consumed by her quest to discover her own personal health issues. She suffered mostly from chronic illnesses which was caused from living an unbalanced and stress-based life. This journey to find wellness led her to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she received her certification as a health and nutrition coach. She then completely her certification with Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She is a speaker, educator and motivator. Her mantra is health is wealth and her passion now is always learning and teaching others that wellness does not have to be confusing, difficult or boring to be effective.

Tami is a mother of two boys, has two rescue dogs, enjoys reading, watching film documentaries, movies, cooking, yoga, and practicing meditation.

Todd Martin

Todd Martin | FDN-Practitioner

Todd is a Health Consultant and the founder of Further Health and Wellness. In addition to his certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ (FDN) Practitioner, he also has a Bachelor’s of Science with an emphasis in physiology and has years of experience as a personal trainer.

Todd specializes in weight loss, and blood sugar imbalances as well as detoxification, and hormone imbalances. He believes that insulin resistance, caused by exposure to toxins and other stressors including poor diets, is the culprit to many common complaints today. His healing philosophy is based on the belief that our body has an innate intelligence capable of healing itself given the correct nutrients and tools, and he works with clients to educate, support, and find underlying causes of complaints utilizing lab tests while strengthening their bodies naturally with individually-tailored detox, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations.

Roula Marinos Papamihail headshot

Roula Marinos Papamihail | FDN-Practitioner, Health Coach

Roula Marinos Papamihail is a certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner (FDN-P), certified holistic health coach and the founder of MyHealthySoma, an organization dedicated to helping individuals optimize their health. Her emphasis is on helping you discover the root cause of your discomfort and recover from digestive, hormone, energy and weight loss difficulties. Through self-ordered lab work, all-natural protocols, workshops and health empowering education, she not only helps individuals identify and resolve their health related problems, she also helps them instill the lifelong habits needed to do so.

She trained at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis. She runs various classes, workshops and events within local communities and park districts. She's also the health and lifestyle contributor for WindyCityGreek and on-line Greek news publication that focuses on all things Greeks. She’s also the proud mom of 4 little boys. Roula is currently accepting new clients in her office, at home, over the phone, or via Skype.

Ben Mix Headshot

Ben Mix | Functional Medicine Health Coach, Personal trainer, physical therapy

My mission is to maximize human potential through teaching strength and mobility to improve the quality of life with a focus on health and longevity. My training philosophy is that strength is a skill and it takes time and dedication to learn. If you don’t enjoy the aging process, or have physical limitations that are preventing you from living the life you want, it’s time for a change. At the age of 40 I feel better now than I ever have and will continue to grow and live my life full of vitality. Anyone no matter what level of proficiency whether a weekend warrior or professional athlete uses a coach if they want to get better.

Make no mistake about it, the human body is a very complex machine. We are only beginning to discover the intricacies of movement and the impact of our modern day lifestyle. This takes time and practice to learn how to move better and gain the strength and mobility to build a resilient and vibrant body.

I began in the fitness, health, and wellness pursuit in 2007 after a long layoff from sports and exercise. My health and body were in decline and I decided to make a change. When you make a decision, there are no other options. The word decision means to “cut off” all other pathways and be fully committed to what you are pursuing. If you decide to commit to learning the skill of becoming a strong person in mind and body, I would love to coach you along that journey