Ashley has an engaging, calming presence as she coaches. She asks inciteful questions to bring out many ideas. She is well-researched, and has speedy follow through. I was particularly pleased when a food plan she suggested, allowed me to get through allergy season without medications!
— Dorothy, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ashley coached me for several months and helped set my treatment on the right course. She had a correct hunch that I have an undiagnosed thyroid issue and suggested I ask my doctor for a comprehensive thyroid blood work that revealed I have Hashimoto Syndrome. 
Ashley is very personable, upbeat and helpful. Her cautious optimism gave me hope when my headaches were bad and the healthy yet yummy recipes she provided me delighted my palette as I struggled with my limited diet. 
Ashley even suggested healthier products and lifestyle and travel tips. Thank you, Ashley, for being there for me!
— RD, Chicago

Prior to meeting Ashley, I was weighed down by stressful life circumstances. She helped me to slow down and be gentle with myself. I thought I needed to put more on my plate by setting hard goals. This was not the case at all, I needed to take care of myself as if I was caring for a child. Ashley helped me see that I could set small goals and achieve them, which lead to reduced stress and gave me the ability to keeping moving forward. I continue to utilize these tools in my everyday life. Thank you Ashley!
— Sherri G, NY